(Re)wards for your organization

Affinity Real Estate (Re)wards Programs—Putting Affordability into Home Ownership

Through www/realestate's ' Affinity Realty (Re)wards Program, school associations, membership organizations and corporations can offer zero-cost real estate assistance to their stakeholders. www/realestate's  Affinity Realty (Re)ward Program is available exclusively in the U.S.

Industry leader in real estate assistance

Since 1991, www/realesate's principals have consitently been the industry leader in providing real estate search products to buyers, sellers, and movers.

Our (Re)wards assistance program provides customers a certified local Realtor- a member of the National Association of REALTORS® from both independent and nationally recognized brokerages within the (Re)wards network, providing advocacy and cash back based on the home purchase/sale price (in most states).  Whether your constituency are moving in-town or across the nation, you organization can rest assured that our staff will make their next move as affordable as possible.

How do you benefit?

For more information about our Affinity (Re)ward Programs contact us at 617-245-0500.